There are no specific certifications or teaching experience required! We welcome applicants who:
• Are 18 years or older and have right to work
• Are willing to put the student’s needs first
• Very brilliant, and have impressive academic or professional track-records
• Enjoy sharing knowledge and making impact
• Have great communication and customer service
If this is you, then apply here!

We support over 200 subjects on Edumentor from Phonics to Math, German, GMAT, IELTS, ACCA etc.

However, at the moment we’re focusing on subjects in Academics, Languages, Music, Personal Development, I.T Skills  and Test Prep categories. We’re taking some time to better structure other categories.

The clients decide how they’d like to have lessons, but you can indicate on your profile if you’re only able to do in-person or online tutoring. Being able to do both, however, means that more clients become available to you.

Yes you can apply to tutor online from outside Nigeria. Majority of your clients will be from Nigeria so you must account for the time difference. You will need a Naira-denominated Nigerian bank account to collect payments.

Yes. It is free to become a tutor but you will need to undergo our certification process (train the trainer) which may cost you little amount for your certification before you can be able to create your profile, get clients, and use Edumentor tools to manage lessons. We only charge a commission for the lessons that you have taught.

We typically charge 25% – 30% in commissions from each lesson booked. We do not charge any other fees.

When you get a booking, your take home pay will be indicated there as well. Some of the most active tutors earn anywhere from ₦40,000 – ₦300,000 per month depending on your availability, the demand for your subjects, location etc.

Once you’re approved, you can start receiving job offers that match your profile. However, you’re expected to cover the cost of data or transportation.

Payments are made to you after you’ve delivered all lessons and submitted same into our system.

Provided there are no pending issues to be resolved with the booking, you should receive monies in your connected bank account 24 hours afterwards.

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Please feel free to email us at: (please help create

When approved as a tutor, you’ll be invited to our Tutor Community on Telegram where you can reach us directly at anytime.